Nijmegen, The Netherlands


At BUUV. you can enjoy yourself in an informal way. A beautiful place, at the Goffertpark in the sun where everyone is welcome at different times of the day; in the sun on the terrace, in the park with a nice picnic, with the neighbour to a beer after a long day at work, or just get an ice cream. BUUV. is really there for everyone.

Wonderful place to be

The terrace is a great place to be. The cold is not a problem here. Not only because of the sunny location, but also thanks to the comfortable cushions of Sit & Heat, guests can enjoy BUUV's many delicious drinks and snacks outside for a long time. In addition to increasing seating comfort, the cushions also make traditional patio heaters unnecessary. A win-win for people and the environment


The environmental aspect is very important to owners Alwin Barten and his wife Ellen. When they started the BUUV. adventure in March 2020, a major renovation awaited them. The entire building is fitted with double glazing, good insulation and as many energy-efficient devices as possible. The Sit & Heat heat pads complete the picture. They also provide sustainable heating for the terrace. Something that can count on a lot of appreciation from the guests. Alwin enthusiastically talks about all the positive reactions to the cushions. "I often hear guests say: can't we do that at home, nice in the garden? That's possible, because the cushions are available in different colours and sizes and can be made to measure. In this way, the all-day café inspires guests to make their homes more sustainable too. A nice side effect for BUUV: thanks to the comfortable cushions, guests stay seated longer and order an extra beer or dish, which generates extra income.

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