Brasa Bar and Kitchen

Purmerend, The Netherlands

Brasa Purmerend has the best terrace in the Netherlands! As winner of the Terrace Top 100 they may wear this title with pride for a whole year. And proud they are: 'It is the crowning glory of work, the result of hard work and a fantastic team. We are constantly working to achieve a high level and perform our work with passion', says owner Arwin Versteyne.

"It's a pleasure to sit here."

The jury's report is clear: "It is a joy to be here. Brasa once again captivates everyone with an absurdly high standard. They know all the ins and outs and have an eye for detail". It is hard to get a better compliment. Located on the most beautiful catering square in North Holland, the Koemarkt, the terrace with 180 chairs is a perfect spot for a nice cup of coffee and breakfast, lunch or delicious dinner.

Further development for even more comfort

The fact that Brasa did not sit still after winning the prize is evidenced by the further development of the prize-winning terrace. In their search for ways to offer guests even more comfort, they came across the heated terrace cushions of Sit & Heat. In collaboration with Fever Tree, the first 60 chairs were provided with heated cushions. An extra reason to go and experience the party for yourself!


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