Boscafé de Zweef

Malden, the Netherlands

A hospitality hotspot with a special view of the glider airfield of the Nijmegen Aeroclub. The unique location, accessibility for walkers and cyclists and the lovely casual atmosphere make this forest café a popular spot for young and old.


Durability and comfort in one 

"With Sit & Heat's heat pads, you combine sustainability and comfort," says Steven, owner of Boscafé de Zweef. "We are constantly looking for ways to increase the comfort for our guests and ensure a terrace where our guests can sit comfortably. The extra comfort means people stay longer and our outdoor space is also used more in winter. Sustainability is also a big theme. We are in the middle of beautiful nature here and want to do our bit to preserve it. Sit & Heat's cushions use much less energy than a patio heater, for instance, which saves costs. The solution offered by Sit & Heat combines sustainability and comfort in a way that suits us as a catering establishment."    



"We are always looking for ways to load our brand and translate our branding to increase recognition and experience for our guests. So the ability to add your own signage to the cushions is a nice touch. It allows you to subtly reflect the logo on all the cushions."  

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