This is how Sit & Heat warms the buttocks of a world star

February 14, 2022

Have you ever sat on a Sit & Heat heat cushion? Then you are in luck, because your buttocks have something in common with a very famous pair of buttocks. To be precise, the buttocks of a man who has already been named best footballer of the year seven times: Lionel Messi.

At Sit & Heat, we are best known for our heated restaurant cushions, but we can also build seat heating into any chair you can think of. Even in Messi's chair at the side of the football pitch! We had the honour of delivering luxury chairs with built-in heating for the dugouts of his football club Paris Saint-Germain. From now on, the trainers and reserve players of this French top club have a nice warm seat in their own stadium.

That is of course... "Super cool!", says commercial director Jeroen Diks. "During one of the home games we saw Manchester City coach Joseph Guardiola sitting on our chair on TV. At another match Messi started from the bench and you saw him sitting on our chair. It feels special that such big names from the world of football are sitting on our product. This is a boyhood dream come true!

A hot match

The seat heating appears to be an open goal, because supporters can also get cold during the match. That is why we started a cooperation with the seat manufacturer VDL Seating Systems from Brabant. They incorporate our heating technology in folding chairs of stadiums throughout Europe. For example, the business members of Feyenoord, Heerenveen, PEC Zwolle, Heracles, FC Volendam and NEC are already warmed up. "PSV is also coming: we will heat a thousand seats of the business tribune," says Jeroen. "It remains special for a Nijmegen entrepreneur to come across your product while watching a Champions League match. We also received the first two offers from English clubs! 

Sustainable stadium heating

Sit & Heat's built-in seat heating is also energy-efficient. "The maximum power consumption is 40 Watts per chair. In the case of a heater, the consumption is up to 25,000 Watts. In a time when we want to get rid of the gas and are more and more concerned with sustainability, this is an alternative," says Jeroen. No CO2 emissions, no heat that is lost to the outside air, no sky-high energy bills for stadiums and no frozen legs for players and fans. With this warm win-win situation, Messi will hopefully win many more matches. 

Based on the article by Mitchel Suijkerbuijk, which appeared on on 13-02-22.

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Khaby Lame meets Messi with the Sit & Heat heated seats in the background.

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