Bistro Tante Pietje

Den Bosch, The Netherlands

"People should come here for the cosiness of the old days," says Kees, owner Bistro Tante Pietje in Den Bosch. "We are 15 years later still in the same atmosphere as 15 years ago, yet with many new elements. I take it as a compliment that people say we are renewing, when in fact they don't really know what has changed. The experience remains the same, which is nice".


In 2002, Kees took over Bistro Tante Pietje and thus started his first own business. "In the beginning, I never wanted to miss a day," says Kees. "As a result, I became the face of the business". Meanwhile, Kees is also co-owner of two other catering businesses. At these businesses, Kees has been given a different role, behind the scenes. Unlike at Bistro Tante Pietje, there he is still on the shop floor almost every day himself. "I continue to enjoy being a host, which I do with love and pleasure. I don't see that as work, no matter how long the evening lasts," Kees says.


"I think everything together makes Bistro Tante Pietje special in Den Bosch," says Kees. "When you come here and you eat well, you have nice service at the table, you find the atmosphere cosy and it buzzes nicely... then I think you come back. All those factors have to be right. The other day I received messages from several people saying that the best advertisement for Tante Pietje had just been made. Gerard Joling told me during his performance in the Brabanthallen that he always eats so well at Tante Pietje in Den Bosch. That's bold. That's all to do with gifting".

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