Bistro Flores

Nijmegen, The Netherlands

"My ideal was always to have a business with an informal atmosphere. A place where you can eat well, drink good wine and get good service," says Elroy, owner of Bistro Flores. "It's a place where people are taken out of their daily lives for a while. So that they say they feel like they're on holiday. I find that a wonderful compliment".

The beginning

"After I completed the event management course in Utrecht, I had an office job. Nothing for me, I had to have hectic in my life", says Elroy. "That I have now found. The combination of business and hospitality, striving for people to have a nice evening and the rush out of it ... That's nice"!

"The cushions have a huge 'wow' effect!

The courtyard garden

Since the first of April, Bistro Flores has had a roof over its popular courtyard garden. "The roof allows me to offer more quality and more space. Bistro Flores is known for being a place where you can sit comfortably, even if you have to wait a while for a table. The Sit & Heat cushions make a modest contribution to this. 

A Wow effect

Elroy does not have the Sit & Heat cushions on the chairs as standard. He uses them at times when people are cold. For example, when the front door opens and closes. "I do not tell them beforehand that they are getting warm, but then say: 'just wait, I'll try something'. Then people are pleasantly surprised. The cushions have an enormous 'wow' effect"!

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