From climate plans to climate action: Sit & Heat's path to NetZero cities

In a world where climate change is a constant threat, district heating is emerging as a crucial focus for climate action. However, cities are struggling with significant obstacles in their efforts to be climate neutral cities by 2030. At Sit & Heat, we work closely with governments, cities and municipalities to bridge the gap between climate plans and actual climate action, especially in the field of sustainable heating. We are convinced that this transition is not only an opportunity to combat climate change, but also to improve the quality of life of our citizens and the health of our planet.

Redefining sustainable heating

In the face of climate change and ever higher but certainly lower temperature spikes, a pressing question arises: How can we combat the cold effectively and sustainably without exacerbating the problem we want to address? This challenge has us completely in its grip and is the reason for our journey been to come up with heating solutions that are part of the solution, not the problem. This is where we are firmly aligned with governments and cities on our path to NetZero.

Introducing: NetZeroCities

Sit & Heat is immensely proud to support Europe's ambition to become climate neutral. We are actively involved in the NetZeroCities project, which is in line with the EU's mission to achieve 100 climate-neutral European cities by 2030. NetZeroCities helps cities tackle specific problems on their way to climate neutrality by 2030 by offering tailored expertise and services.


Paving the way for a greener future

Alongside our ongoing product innovation, our journey begins with strong partnerships with governments, cities and municipalities. In these partnerships, we work closely together, to transform the transition from emission-intensive heating systems to our sustainable heat solutions. Through these important partnerships, we seek to provide accessible and sustainable heating solutions offer, not only in the Netherlands but worldwide. Our mission is fitting well into the picture of creating 'Net zero cities' across Europe, uniting to meet emission reduction targets and create smart cities for the future.

The power of cities

Cities have a significant influence not only in meeting climate targets set by international frameworks such as the COP21 Paris Agreement, but also in ensuring that our reduction efforts are equitable and contribute to the well-being of European citizens. Although cities occupy only 4% of the EU's land area, they house 75% of EU citizens, consume more than 65% of the world's energy and are responsible for more than 70% of global CO2 emissions, according to The Net Zero Cities Project.

Cities show the way

Cities occupy a unique position as forerunners of climate action and innovation on a global scale. While change can be daunting, Sit & Heat sees this transition as an opportunity to bring about positive change. We strongly believe in the ability of cities to explore new ways of living and working while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, starting with one of the most energy-intensive and carbon-producing activities: heating. We continue to work with cities to ensure that measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are equitable and enhance the well-being of European citizens.

Economic and environmental benefits

Cities reap multifaceted benefits from Sit & Heat's innovative solutions. In addition to environmental benefits, our heating innovations contribute to the economic health of urban areas. Across Europe, what were once barren winter terraces have blossomed into lively and cosy hotspots, attracting more and more customers during the colder months for a drink or a bite to eat. This increase in visitors leads to higher revenues for both businesses and governments, creating a mutually beneficial relationship. More hospitality translates into more tourism and a host of benefits for cities and regions.

United Progress

Addressing emissions reductions often reveals a gap between businesses and governments, where plans are difficult to implement and change proceeds at a slow pace. Our work provides expertise to cities, governments and businesses to enable the implementation of their stated goals. Sit & Heat tailors programmes and packages to easily fit cities' plans and budgets and work in accordance with established regulations and guidelines. Contacting us is easy and cities have done so with ease.

United Progress

Our cooperation with governments has made progress, from our participation in the European Green Capital initiative in Nijmegen to our collaboration in The Hague. We currently have several projects underway with local governments and municipalities in Eindhoven, Leiden, Utrecht, Zandvoort, Breda, Haarlem, Apeldoorn and beyond. By revolutionising the way we heat our terraces in cities, we are having a significant impact on emissions. This marks a step forward in Sit & Heat's mission to make heating more sustainable.

The Green Hospitality Challenge

In the Green Hospitality Challenge, we are joining forces with the city's hospitality industry to make over 20 terraces more sustainable. Our introduction of innovative heating pads, designed to minimise heat loss to the outside air, promises remarkable energy savings of up to 95%. This is an important step towards achieving net-zero cities. The Green Hospitality Challenge in Arnhem led to increased awareness among hospitality operators and customers about the significant energy consumption associated with gas or electricity heating. This has resulted in impressive savings of 224,400 kWh and 66,659 kg of CO2.

Europe's green capital: The role of Sit & Heat in Nijmegen's success

Sit & Heat is proud to have supported Nijmegen in achieving the title of ''European Green Capital'' in 2018. By spreading our innovative heating products throughout the city, we have actively contributed to increasing environmental awareness in the city. Sit & Heat continues to work closely with cities and municipalities on sustainable solutions. Such projects fit seamlessly with the broader mission to achieve climate neutrality and create climate-neutral cities by 2030.

Expressions of support and impact

Our steadfast commitment to tackling climate challenges through personalised heating, as opposed to ambient air heating, has earned recognition. In particular, we have received the support of the King of the Netherlands, who was deeply impressed by our approach to this pressing problem. By collaborating with numerous municipalities, local citizens have gained access to our products through subsidies. This collaborative process often includes upgrading outdoor heating systems, replacing emitting gas stoves and expensive electric heaters with our heated seats. This optimisation not only improves heating but also the look, benefiting both businesses and the local community.

EU policy in action

Europe has taken a clear stance on climate action and ambitious climate targets. Initiatives such as the Horizon Europe research and innovation programmes, the European Green Deal and the EU mission "100 climate-neutral cities by 2030" are pushing Europe towards a sustainable future.


Sit & Heat is committed to turning climate plans into action, especially in the field of sustainable heating. This journey offers an opportunity to combat climate change and improve lives. Through innovative heating solutions and partnerships with governments and cities, we are redefining heating and paving the way to a greener future. Cities, although small in land area, have enormous potential as beacons of change. Our journey from climate plans to climate action shows the collective progress in our mission to create a better, sustainable future.

Boscafé de Zweef

A hospitality hotspot with a special view of the glider airfield of the Nijmegen Aeroclub. The unique location, accessibility for walkers and cyclists and the lovely casual atmosphere make this forest café a popular spot for young and old.


Durability and comfort in one 

"With Sit & Heat's heat pads, you combine sustainability and comfort," says Steven, owner of Boscafé de Zweef. "We are constantly looking for ways to increase the comfort for our guests and ensure a terrace where our guests can sit comfortably. The extra comfort means people stay longer and our outdoor space is also used more in winter. Sustainability is also a big theme. We are in the middle of beautiful nature here and want to do our bit to preserve it. Sit & Heat's cushions use much less energy than a patio heater, for instance, which saves costs. The solution offered by Sit & Heat combines sustainability and comfort in a way that suits us as a catering establishment."    



"We are always looking for ways to load our brand and translate our branding to increase recognition and experience for our guests. So the ability to add your own signage to the cushions is a nice touch. It allows you to subtly reflect the logo on all the cushions."  

Lower your emissions

As concerns about climate change and environmental sustainability continue to grow, many people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and live more eco-friendly lifestyles. At Sit & Heat, we're proud to offer a line of electric heating products that not only keep you warm and cozy but are also good for the environment.

We prioritize sustainability and develop innovative products that promote a greener future. By using energy-efficient heating solutions, we can all play our part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the planet for future generations. We make heated seats, cushions, and throws that prioritize your comfort while minimizing our impact on the planet.

Heating people, and not spaces mean we directly transfer heat from our products to the person, significantly increasing energy savings and reducing environmental impact. Our products operate at between 5 and 40 watts, resulting in a drastic decrease from traditional heaters that can operate at 800 watts or more, saving you up to 95% in energy costs.

Unlike traditional heating systems that heat an entire room, our technology is designed to provide targeted warmth through efficient heating pads, resulting in lower energy consumption and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Our cushions feature advanced Sit & Heat technology, which utilizes intelligent sensors that turn off the heating automatically when not in use, ensuring that energy is not wasted unnecessarily.

In addition to our energy-saving technology, our cushions do not release any harmful gasses at all, resulting in 0% CO2 emissions. By choosing Sit & Heat, you're not only reducing your energy costs, but you're also doing your part to protect the environment. In fact, outdoor terrace heaters in Paris consume as much energy per year as 110,000 flights from Paris to New York. With our innovative heating products, you can say goodbye to traditional gas heating on patios and hello to a greener way of staying warm. Join us in tackling the big climate problem of a warming planet, and choose Sit & Heat's heated cushions, the leading solution for reducing unnecessary CO2 emissions in 2023.

Our commitment to sustainability is demonstrated by our efficient manufacturing processes and circular approach to waste reduction. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to protect the environment, and we're proud to be leading the way in sustainable heating solutions. By choosing Sit & Heat, you're not only investing in a high-quality, long-lasting product, but you're also doing your part to create a better, more sustainable future.

So, whether you're looking to heat your home or business, our Sit & Heat technology is the perfect solution. Thousands of homes and businesses across the world trust Sit & Heat to provide heating to them and their guests, providing a warm experience without warming the planet. Experience the comfort and sustainability of Sit & Heat today. Purchase our heated products to reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy costs.


Cushions for the British bum at Wagtail

Sit & Heat's heat pads are popping up in more and more places. Now even on a brand new roof terrace in the heart of London! For this, we were allowed to collaborate with big names from the design world. We even travelled to the British outback to deliver the project pico bello.

In May 2022, Wagtail opened its doors: a high-end restaurant and cocktail bar in London's Financial District. The rooftop terrace offers 360° views over the city, with a spectacular view of London Bridge. The interior was designed by architect and designer Russell Sage. A big name in the design world, he designs five-star hotels, exclusive restaurants and luxury bars, for example. Fortunately, he thinks it is important for guests to be warm. He enlisted our help for durable patio heating!

Russell Sage's wishes

"What designers want is for an interior to be made exactly as they draw it in," explains Sit & Heat founder Jorg Rijkschroeff. "That's how they come to us: we deliver tailor-made work, that's our expertise. Russell Sage approached us through our agent Anthony Gerard, the face of Sit & Heat in the UK." Anthony already has many warm contacts in the UK, as he also works as an agent for hospitality parasols from Symo Parasols.

"We launched Sit & Heat in the UK in spring 2021," Anthony explains. "Pretty soon after, Russell Sage expressed interest in the heat pads for the restaurant we now know as Wagtail - but at the time was still called '68 King William Street'." There followed many complicated specifications, unusual requirements and the request to work with different furniture makers: a nice challenge.

On to England

"Russell Sage had already selected three UK parties, which allowed us to deliver the furniture and heating as one," Jorg explains. "The Contract Chair supplied chairs and bar stools. They sent samples to us in Nijmegen so we could customise heating. 3 Interiors carpented terrace benches, for which we made cushions. Finally, we worked with Coco Wolf: a fairly exclusive furniture brand that supplies fully upholstered sofas and chairs."

Just before the completion date, Coco Wolf found itself running out of time. Jorg continues: "Then we flew to England a day early, to help assemble all the parts! On site, we connected the seat heater electronics. That was in an old nineteenth-century factory, the kind you really only know from TV. It was very cool that we ended up there just like that!" Meanwhile, the final result can be admired: for an atmospheric impression, take a look at Wagtail's Instagram page.

Tastes like more

The UK is not unknown territory for Sit & Heat. For example, the Nijmegen-based heat cushions are also at the chic champagne bar in Harrods and at the Berkeley Hotel's rooftop bar. "The big architects of Europe are in London. They also sign for Milan, for Amsterdam, you name it," says commercial director Jeroen Diks. That's how the ball got rolling. "Besides Russell Sage, we were already working with architects like Brady Williams." As far as Sit & Heat is concerned, many more designers and special locations are going to follow!

Create your own cushion on our new site

We bid you a warm welcome to our revamped website! Just in time for the autumn weather we are launching a new design tool. From now on, all Sit & Heat chair and sofa cushions can be set easily put together yourself. You can see the result immediately in 3D. Choose your desired model, upholstery, colour and size and admire your cushion from all sides. Handy: from the shopping basket you can kisses order directly, but you can also request a quote first.

Unleash your creativity

At the design tool you can choose from different outer fabrics, such as the fine fabric Agora Lisos or the coarser woven Agora Panama. With more than 100 colours to choose from, there is always a colour that matches your house style. With a logo on the front or back, you can give the cushion the finishing touch. For sofa cushions, you always choose the length, width and thickness of the cushion, and even the placement of the power cord. Sit & Heat also makes the perfect heating cushion for chairs or sofas with curves: our designer will make a custom-made mould for this.

Calculate your savings

Retrieved from the Sit & Heat website you can easily calculate how much energy costs and CO2 you can save by switching to heaters. Enter the current number of heaters and the number of seats on the terrace, and you will immediately see the difference in annual costs and consumption. With our sustainable cushions, it is not only on the terrace that you can save money. On our new site, you can also find heat cushions for football stadiums, for the office or just at home in front of the tube.