Atlant first healthcare organization with heating pads

May 11, 2017

Maudy Hendriks | 11 May 2017

Atlant likes to work on improvements. For the quality of life of the people they support but also for sustainable developments. Therefore Atlant started using heat pillows to investigate whether this could have a positive effect on the well-being of the residents and employees and at the same time save energy costs.

Investing in sustainability

With the ambition to create awareness in the field of sustainability, Atlant started investing in sustainable solutions in 2016. For example, solar panels, compost machines and charging stations have been installed at various locations. This year, the heating of large spaces will be addressed. Because how can you offer everyone the right temperature within a care institution, in a comfortable and as energy efficient way as possible?

The right temperature for everyone

Older people like to turn up the heat a degree. While for employees it is sometimes more pleasant to work in a lower temperature. To ensure that Atlant meets the wishes of clients and employees, Atlant starts with heating through direct contact with the heat source. A pleasant way of heating, so the thermostat can be set a few degrees lower. This of course has advantages in terms of energy costs. 

Energy efficient

Sit & Heat's heated cushions consume only 40Watt per seat and are equipped with a sensor. The cushions heat from the seat and from the back. By heating the torso, your entire body stays at the right temperature. The cushions have a control button with which clients can determine for themselves how warm they want it to be.

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