For the classic terrace chair.

Oslo is a classic terrace cushion with a rounded finished top. For a warm back and warm legs! Choose your own colour and fabrics.
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Sit & Heat heat cushion Oslo
A classic patio chair with a modern twist, meet our Oslo. Created to allow chairs with a rounded top to become one with the cushions of Sit & Heat. This comfortable cushion keeps your whole body warm, thanks to its heated back and seat. The rechargeable battery has an effective sitting time of 3 hours. It has been well thought out: the Sit & Heat cushion only heats up when someone sits down on it. As soon as the seat is vacated, the heating switches off automatically after two minutes. Battery empty? Then the battery is easy to charge, change and connect.

The pouch behind the seat contains the rechargeable battery. A nice spot for a logo!

Due to the smart sensor, the heated cushion only turns on when you sit down.

Using the front or side controls, you can determine the heat yourself.



A. Heating element | B. Heating element | C. Sensor | D. Control panel | E. Pouch | F. Foam | G. Single seam | H. Fastening Capability | I. Battery compartment | J. Battery cable


All measurments in cm.

What's in the box?

Oslo cushion
Battery 6.800 mAh
Charger 1A

Oslo cushion


Back: 370 x 395 x 30 mm
Seat: 420 x 385 x 30 mm


375 grams


PE foam
Sunbrella / Agora fabric


12 Volt DC 


30 Watt

Power supply

Battery 6.800 mAh



Seat heating

15 Watt

Back heating

15 Watt
Heating booster

Battery 6.800 mAh


144 x 85 x 28 mm


375 grams


Lithium Ion 


12 Volt DC / 5V USB


12V/6,800 mAh and 5V/16,000 mAh

Effective use

3 hours

Average usage

4 hours 30 minutes

Charging time

4 hours 30 minutes


We have a wide range of sustainable fabrics for you to choose from. 
The cushions have a removable cover that makes washing, repairing and replacing them a piece of cake.  
We are happy to explain how to wash the cushions. These washing instructions apply to all fabrics in our collection.
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Hand washing

Soak the fabric in a solution of 60ml of mild soap per 3.8 litres of lukewarm water. Use a sponge or very soft brush to gently brush away the stain. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residues. Allow the fabric to air dry.

Washing machine

First close all the zips. Then wash the fabric in the washing machine with cold water on the gentle wash programme, using a standard amount of mild detergent. For stubborn mould add 235ml of bleach. Let the fabric air dry completely.

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