Innovative collaboration between Dinner Domes Eindhoven and Sit & Heat
Eindhoven, Netherlands

In the vibrant city of Eindhoven, where culinary creativity and innovation converge, a remarkable collaboration has taken place between Dinner Domes Eindhoven and Sit & Heat. This unique collaboration not only offers an unforgettable culinary experience in the atmospheric domes, but also introduces Sit & Heat's pioneering heat pads to keep guests warm even on cold nights.

de Maaskantine
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Experience urban relaxation at the Maaskantine, located on the river Maas in Rotterdam. Inspired by American beaches with cocktails, city life meets paradise at the Maaskantine. Their lively terrace offers our custom-made heated seating, in the most colourful way!

Hotel Okura's restaurant: 'Serre'.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Take a journey into the culinary world of restaurant Serre at Amsterdam's esteemed Hotel Okura. Discover how Sit & Heat has enhanced the canal-side dining experience at Serre by adding environmentally conscious warmth and comfort to this Michelin-starred restaurant.

Restoration Hardware
New York City, USA

Sit & Heat collaborated with world-renowned Restoration Hardware Manufacturing to create bespoke heated solutions for RH New York's spectacular rooftop restaurant.

Boscafé de Zweef
Malden, the Netherlands

Overlooking Malden's glider airfield, you can enjoy delicious heated cushions at Boscafé de Zweef.

Wilma & Albèrts
Haarlem, The Netherlands

Guests appreciate the wonderful warmth so much that an extension to the entire terrace turned out to be a logical step.

Nijmegen, The Netherlands

A beautiful place, at the Goffertpark in the sun, where everyone is welcome. At BUUV. it is wonderful to stay.

Café Vrijdag
Arnhem, The Netherlands

Due to the unique location of Café Vrijdag, the terrace is a real eye-catcher. A perfect place for Sit & Heat.

Me & Mrs P
Velp, The Netherlands

Colors and shapes played a major role in the choice of cushions in which Sit & Heat is incorporated.

Ristorante & Pizzeria La vita è bella
Midlaren, The Netherlands

Owner Chris had already experienced the heated cushions from Sit & Heat in several places and liked it so much that he also wanted this for his own guests.

Douwe Egberts Café
Various locations, the Netherlands

If Corona causes the catering industry in the Netherlands to close, Patrick chooses to invest in a heated terrace. Sit & Heat was the solution they were looking for here. This way they could receive guests in a safe and warm way.

Restaurant Moustique
Haarlem, The Netherlands

Due to the location of the restaurant, around the church, traditional heating methods are difficult to use. There is always a breeze, which blows heat from a heater and does not reach the place where you would like it, the guest. Heated cushions are therefore the perfect solution!

Brasa Bar and Kitchen
Purmerend, The Netherlands

Brasa Purmerend has the best terrace in the Netherlands! As the winner of the Terrace Top 100, they can proudly wear this title for a year. And they are proud: 'It is a crown on the work, the result of hard work and a fantastic team. We are constantly working to achieve a high level […]

Pepper Collection
Lech, Austria

We worked with our German partners to execute an exceptional project in Lech, high in the Austrian Alps of Arlberg. Pepper Collection not only offers beautiful accommodations, but also the added comfort of heated outdoor dining with Sit & Heat's custom equipment.

Friendship Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The heating switches itself on and off thanks to the sensor in the cushion. Comfortable, innovative and energy efficient!   

Tapasbar Tapamor
Deventer, The Netherlands

"Especially on colder days, the seats with Sit & Heat are the first places to be occupied".

Café de Kroon
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

"Besides the extra service to my customers, I also hope to get more turnover on cold days."    

Restaurant Gusto
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

"The reactions to Sit & Heat are nice, the guests are surprised by the pleasant warmth".    

Lunchroom Sabor
Grave, The Netherlands

"People are now asking if we want to turn them back on when we arrive." If you want to stay open a little longer in the evening, those pillows are really ideal."

Tapas Bar de Markt
Breda, The Netherlands

"By providing extra warmth and comfort on my terrace, I increase my seating capacity in winter".

Veenendaal, The Netherlands

"The reactions from our guests are very positive. People are so comfortable, they just order a second cup of coffee and that's what we do it for of course!"

Grand Café De Kogelvanger
Breda, The Netherlands

"People find it a pleasant way of heating", I also hate such a warm heater on your face".

Café De Blonde Pater
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Now only the guests at Café De Blonde Pater are heated and not the empty spaces around it. "The reactions from the guests are fantastic, of course."

De Duivelsberg
Berg en Dal, The Netherlands

"Sit & Heat is a great asset to hospitality within the hospitality industry. You involve people in the product, you tell them about it and then ask about their experience with it. They like that"!

Bistro Tante Pietje
Den Bosch, The Netherlands

''Sit & Heat is unique and therefore distinctive on my terrace!''

Bistro Flores
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

'The cushions have a huge 'wow' effect"!

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