A warm and cosy winter terrace

August 1, 2016

Maudy Hendriks | 01 August 2016

The colder months are upon us again. Temperatures are slowly dropping and it is getting dark faster. A warm and cosy winter terrace can significantly increase turnover during this period! But how do you do it?

Record height

The CBS recently announced that the hotel and catering industry in the Netherlands is at a record level! Due to this strong growth, the importance of the hospitality industry for the Dutch economy has increased in recent years. According to Entree Magazine, hospitality, creativity and willingness to invest are the keys to success! This is how positive developments and innovations come about. We would like to describe why Sit & Heat can ensure success on your winter terrace.


A while ago, Radboud Bergevoet, editor-in-chief of Misset Horeca, wrote a column about his experience with Sit & Heat at the Blonde Pater in Nijmegen. "Would I ever be able to get used to a chair-heating-free terrace? Instant luxury is an addictive drug". A piece of extra service and hospitality to guests.


Gas or electric heaters are mainly used to provide the right kind of warmth on a terrace. Unfortunately, a lot of energy is lost to the outside air. Heating users directly is not only more energy-efficient, but also a surprising and new experience for many guests. The warm appearance of heaters can be compensated for by orange LED lighting. 

Investment readiness

In January, the SRA Hospitality Survey announced that the money supply of hotel and catering entrepreneurs is opening up again. Like consumers, the majority of entrepreneurs want to spend more money. "I notice that investments in the terrace bring in more revenue," says Tapasbar de Markt in Breda. "So has the effect of the Sit & Heat cushions." The investment in Sit & Heat can be earned back on energy costs. In the long run, this provides an extra gift at the end of the year! What are you going to invest in this year?

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