5 tips to get higher in the Terrace Top 100

September 4, 2019

Astrid Hendrikx | 04 September 2019

The entries for the Misset Horeca Terrace Top 100 2020 are open again! During this annual ranking, Dutch terraces are judged by an expert jury. By participating in this process, you as a hospitality entrepreneur can get even more out of your terrace and offer your guests an ultimate terrace experience. But how do you end up high in the Terrace Top 100? Sit & Heat has five tips to help you prepare for the judging process.

1. Hospitality on one.

Remind your staff of the importance of hospitality. After all, a satisfied guest is the best advertisement for your hotel and catering business. Train your staff on hospitality and make sure they serve friendly, communicate well, look your guests in the eye and show interest. Always try to exceed the expectations of your guests.

2 . Offer something extra.

There are many terraces these days, and to stand out, you sometimes have to try a little harder and have something different. Take restaurant De Firma in Nijmegen as an example, they are in 32nd place in the Terras Top 100: the sofas are covered with cushions that are heated, nice! The heated cushions of Sit & Heat De Firma offers an extra bit of service. Moreover, the heated cushions are energy-efficient and therefore environmentally friendly. This leaves a positive impression on both your guests and the jury.

the sofas are covered with cushions that are heated, nice!
 Sit & Heat 

3. Offer a top experience, even outside the high season.

It is also important to offer a top experience at times when you do not expect extreme crowds. So be prepared for crowds in the spring and make sure in April that the terrace looks nice with flowers and a menu on the table.

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4. Bring the bill as soon as possible.

The moment a guest asks for the bill, it is a sign that he or she would like to leave. So bring the bill over as soon as possible and don't go do anything else. Moreover, the checkout process is a subconscious psychological pain point. After all, the guests have to pay, so keep it short.

5. Be creative and think ahead.

The jury indicated that one terrace last year gave out small bottles of sun cream. They also saw that grandma received two extra biscuits with her coffee for her grandchildren. Think ahead and be considerate towards your guests. Creativity is also something the jury noticed. Sugary drinks are consumed less nowadays. Be creative with fizzy water, for example. So there are many different possibilities to stand out from the rest in a creative way. 

Would you like to offer your guests that little bit extra with warm cushions on your terrace? No less than 160 successful entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry preceded you. We are, among others, at Harrods (Champagne Bar) in London, De Firma in Nijmegen (ranked 32nd in the Terras Top 100) and Proeflokaal Goesting (ranked 1st in the Cafe Top 100 Public Prize). Curious about the possibilities? Please feel free to contact us at +31 (0)24 - 343 0415.

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