Control the heat individually at the office

Temperature, a subject which is frequently discussed at the office. Heating up large spaces costs a lot of energy. Besides this, it is hard find the right temperature to satisfy every employee. In order to avoid employees are either too warm or too cold, the most effective solution is an individual source of warmth. The office furniture manufacturer DESKO heats every employee individually with their Sit & Heat office chair. Comfortable, innovative and energy efficient!

Innovative and energy efficient

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are DESKO’s spear points. The company likes to share these values with their customers, for example by co-operating with Sit & Heat. By using Sit & Heat office chairs the central heating system becomes superfluous. Sit & Heat only uses 40 Watt per seat. This does not only reduces the c02 emission significantly, it also results in cutting down the energy expenses.


Since Sit & Heat is equipped with a control panel the user can adjust the temperature himself. Heating the torso results in an overall warm feeling. SearchUser employee: "While men are walking around in T-shirts, I am still wearing a sweater since I'm always cold. Thanks to Sit & Heat, there is no need to sit close to the heater and I can leave my blanket at home.