The ultimate Amsterdam experience

Amsterdam – Friendship does not only makes sure you can enjoy their cruises during summer, but from now on also during colder days thanks to the Sit & Heat cushions. Hot bumps on the water! The innovative way of heating totally goes along with the new boat engine legislation in Amsterdam.

Rederij Friendship

A business started by two friends with a great love for watersports and boats. Their organization was named after the first boat they built together and the bond between them both. Their motto and also their mantra for their company: Friendship isn’t one big thing, it's a million little things. With the luxurious and personal boat tours through the canals of Amsterdam you'll enjoy "the Ultimate Amsterdam experience". Enjoy the city like 'locals' do!

The ultimate Amsterdam experience

Sit & Heat boat heating

Sit & Heat cushions are totally custom made for all types of boats. The new heating technology heats the user directly, therefore you don't waste any warmth! Compared to other heating solutions, Sit & Heat saves up to 95% on energy costs. Thanks to the sensor, the cushions turns on and off automatically. Comfortable, innovative and environmental friendly.