The first beach pavilion with Sit & Heat terrace heating

There’s no better way to enjoy this summer than at Pier 32 in Den Haag. While enjoying live music and a good draught beer, you’ll lounge totally comfortable on the heated cushions of Sit & Heat. Although many enterprises choose to heat the terrace with traditional gas heaters or electric heaters, Pier 32 chooses the most sustainable way. Because the guests isolate the heat, there is no heat lost to the strong wind on the beach.

Green Key

Pier 32 is the first beach pavilion with Sit & Heat. The energy efficient solution for terrace heating, only uses 40Watt per seat and fits well with the sustainable image of the beach pavilion. For example, Pier 32 also has the Green Key quality mark. Companies with a Green Key quality mark, make every effort to save the environment without sacrificing comfort and quality.