Soullmate and Sit & Heat in Milan

Together with Soullmate we will join the Salone Internazionale del Mobile: The Design Week of Milan and the biggest exhibition in the field of interior design in the world. We are part of Tuttubene; the part where all Dutch designers exhibit their work.

Cooperation Soullmate and Sit & Heat

Two innovative designs which fit together like no other. This co-creation allows a comfortable experience of dining in open air. While sitting in the Soullmate Diner Unit and feeling the warmth of Sit & Heat cushions you will experience how special any park, square, meadow or empty building might be. 

Design studio BOMM has designed a mobile kitchen based on wooden crates. It connects human being with food in an open air while Sit & Heat creates comfort and warmth in a socially responsible manner. The passion, that motive to create wonderful projects in open air unites Soullmate and Sit & Heat.

The exhibition will be held from 9 – 14 April. We herewith invite you to come and see us. Address: Via Tortona 31. Not around, yet curious? Check: of