Sit & Heat gets investment

Wijchen, 19 December 2014 – Sit & Heat, the energy efficient terrace heater in the shape of a cushion, gets an investment of 250.000 Euro. The trust of these investors enables Sit & Heat to set up sales in the Netherlands.

"As soon as sales increases, energy-wasting heaters will be superfluous; in this way all users of Sit & Heat will contribute to a sustainable development", according to Jorg.

Where you can find Sit & Heat ?

Sit & Heat has recently started up sales. You can already experience this pleasant warmth in various catering establishments. The first wireless version of Sit & Heat can be experienced at Blonde Pater in Nijmegen, which already uses heated lounge sofas to everyone’s satisfaction. 

Sit & Heat doesn’t only focus on catering industry, stadiums and private persons, but on office chairs, boats and churches as well. In order to achieve rapid growth our team has been extended and reinforced when it comes to sales activities; another step closer to conquering half the world….the cold part!