Philips Stadium, the first stadium with Sit & Heat!

Last weekend the PSV football Stadium was the world’s first stadium having heated seats. Four Business Club Members enjoyed heated seats during the fantastic match PSV – ADO Den Haag.

The heated cushions, tested on four Business Seats last Saturday, have been developed by Sit & Heat. Sit & Heat developed heated cushions in response to energy-wasting and uncomfortable heaters. The heated cushions save 95% on energy, as users are heated immediately, without wasting any warmth. Besides, these heated seats increase comfort, as the user’s body is heated and warmth can be adjusted individually. 

The test in the Philips stadium was supported by the Duurzaam Eindhoven Foundation. Currently, the Philips stadium is fitted with heaters, high up in the roof, resulting into a lot of heat loss. The Sit & Heat heated seats offer Business Members even more luxury and comfort; they can adjust warmth individually. 

Sit & Heat heated seats allow companies to distinguish themselves from other sponsors. They can offer more comfort and have their logo printed on the cushions, showing others they have seats in the stadium. Ronald Kooistra, Manager Commercial Business, Service and Events: "We consider hospitality of paramount importance. A heated seat in winter matches this vision. This test allows us to check how we can make our Business Members, and our fans in the future as well, feel comfortable during matches."

The Business Members simply loved the comfortable, warm seats. Hennie Maas of Maas im- export b.v.: "To my surprise we could test Sit & Heat last weekend. It felt wonderful; I could even put off my coat. My opinion: Go for it!"

Both the Sustainable Eindhoven Foundation and Sit & Heat hope, after this successful test, to continue the cooperation with the Philips Stadium. Furthermore they hope other stadiums will acknowledge the advantage of heated seats, ending the era of energy inefficient heaters.